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Latest Poll Is Big News For Trump


The Donald continues to confound critics and the Establishment with his meteoric rise!

His latest poll numbers show that New Hampshire is ready to WIN AGAIN!

Via The Hill

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lead widened in New Hampshire just days before the primary, according to the latest CNN/WMUR tracking poll.

Thirty-three percent of likely Republican primary voters said they support Trump, giving the billionaire a 17-point lead over his closest GOP rival. Trump gained 5 points from a similar tracking poll last week.

Trump now has more than double the support of Sen. Marco Rubio, who came in second with 16 percent support.

Sen. Ted Cruz has 14 percent for third place.

Gov. John Kasich follows with 11 percent, while no other GOP candidate broke single-digit support.

People are responding well to Trump’s message. Especially in New Hampshire, a place ravaged by bad liberal policies and trade deals.

Will Donald win on Tuesday? We’ll see about it on the day!

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Comments on “Latest Poll Is Big News For Trump”

  1. Irene says:

    You know that for some reason that TRUMP is still in the lead. I believe that its because he is plain spoken and has let us know just what is what. We’ve been fooled by our current administration and its time for a real CHANGE.