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Latest Polling In THIS State Shows HUGE Support For Trump!

Trump PA

Donald Trump is waging a propaganda war. Look at the polls; Sen. Ted Cruz is falling in the Northeast like a damaged bird. The way Cruz is taking delegates looks shady, and people don’t like it. Yes, it’s legal, but the perception is the exact opposite.

By the way, I expect it to get a lot worse. Expect Trump to have a majority of delegates after California, or be so close he just has to get at most 100, probably less, unbound delegates on his side before the convention.

The numbers are in, and the state of Pennsylvania is all in for Trump, and he hasn’t even started working it yet.


From Newsmax:

The voters in the poll also believe he has the best chance among his party’s nominees to defeat Hillary Clinton for president, according to the Allentown Morning Call’s poll report.

The poll was conducted by the Morning Call newspaper and Muhlenberg College with 422 likely Republican voters, from April 7 to April 12:

  • 41 percent of likely Republican voters say they believe Trump will win.
  • 26 percent of likely Republican voters say John Kasich will win.
  • 23 percent of likely Republican voters say Ted Cruz will win.

Poll respondents weighed in on who they would vote for if Trump became the nominee:

  • Two-thirds of likely Republican voters said they would vote for Trump if he is the candidate.
  • One-third said they would vote for Clinton or skip voting altogether.

More than four out of 10 voters said they believe Trump is most likely to defeat Clinton.

  • One-fourth of the voters said they wouldn’t support Trump if he were the nominee.
  • One-fourth of the voters also said that about Cruz and Kasich if they won.

Watch this report here:

If Trump wins in CA, PA, NY, Indiana, Nebraska and NJ (All winner take all delegates), he gets the nomination.

In primaries Trump has done pretty well getting out independents, lapsed Democrats and Republicans. He will need to improve his organization, which is why I wanted him to get Cruz on board, but Hillary is toxic. Even now her party doesn’t like her; I expect him to go nuclear on her and make her virtually unelectable by November.

Do you think Cruz or Kasich has a shot to defeat Trump in Pennsylvania after this great news? Share your comments (below) and let us know if you are voting for Trump if he is the nominee for the GOP in November.

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