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Hillary’s Favorite Green Energy Ringleader Just Got BUSTED Embezzling BILLIONS!

leonardo dicaprio

Why does it seem like everybody connected with the Clintons are criminals? It’s just time to get rid of the Clintons once and for all. I’m sure many of you would agree they need to be put into a jail cell with no windows.

The crime syndicate which has Clinton’s name on it now reaches in Hollywood and has pulled in a top shelf actor in Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio has a foundation, Just like the Clintons, That seems to have been stealing money, and he got caught red handed.

From the UK Telegraph:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s charity has been urged to repay donations linked to a Malaysian fund that backed his film The Wolf of Wall Street. The foundation is being investigated by the US department of justice over alleged ties to a $3.5 billion embezzlement scandal whose “misappropriated” funds were used to bankroll the 2013 film, according to reports.

The actor is now facing calls to “give the dirty money back”. According to the US department of justice, certain donations to the Oscar-winner’s environmental charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, (the LDF), came directly from billions of dollars siphoned from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

The department filed a complaint in Los Angeles last month in what has been called the world’s largest embezzlement case, saying that at least $1 billion (£0.76 billion) traceable to the conspiracy was laundered through the US and used to purchase “assets” there.

Owned by the Malaysian government, 1MDB had raised upwards of $8 billion. However, according to US authorities, $3.5 billion of that money was “misappropriated” between 2009 and 2015.

According to the complaint, Jho Low, 35, a Malaysian businessman and drinking buddy of DiCaprio’s, spent an entire third of the siphoned billions by himself.

Eyebrows were raised last week when DiCaprio backed out of hosting a $33,400-per-guest fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at the last minute due – officially due to a change in the production schedule for his climate change film, Before the Flood. His friends Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel stepped in to replace him.

US media speculated his withdrawal was to avoid Mrs Clinton embarrassment over the embezzlement case.

So glad DiCaprio has this embezzlement corruption connected to him. Hope he’s forced to repay every cent and has to pay a fine. He’s a little girlyman spreading the UN’s BS propaganda on climate change while flying around the world on his private jet and partying on his yacht. He deserves every bit of bad press coming to him.

Listen up America! The Democrats have learned how to launder money far better than the Chinese using a three part system. First build a Criminal Clinton Foundation to spew lies, rake in donations and contributions with a bulldozer and dole them out with an eyedropper,

Secondly, form a vast network of influence through the liberal progressive media and world famous top one Percenters and Hollywood liberal elite.

Third, deny everything. Act with such pompous disregard and loathing attitude towards “We The People,” constantly having fundraisers to have such an immense cash flow until it has become a torrent of money to pay any and all backdoor, brown bag dealings that may arise. That’s how you launder money, having so much she’s going to build a giant “Hillary Tower.”

Are you tired of Hollywood liberals using their status to get away with criminal acts while associated with the Clintons? Share your opinions below and let me know what you think. 


Comments on “Hillary’s Favorite Green Energy Ringleader Just Got BUSTED Embezzling BILLIONS!”

  1. David says:

    green energy is an obammie/global/al gore scam ;; anyone with a third grade education KNOWS THIS.