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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Fans Want Him To Win An Oscar So Badly They Are Doing THIS!

Actor, activist, and hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio is a favorite to win an Oscar this year for his turn in the wilderness epic The Revenant.

Even so, some of his most diehard Russian fans aren’t taking ANY chances. They are determined to get him that trophy…or at least one similar to it.

Via Vanity Fair

Well, DiCaprio’s fans in Siberia have prepared for this unlikely outcome while simultaneously proving themselves to be the most devoted Leo fans on planet Earth. Metro reports that the actor’s female admirers in Russia’s Far East are donating their silver and gold valuables to an “Oscar for Leo” campaign, which will melt down the jewelry and sculpt it into the exact shape of an Oscar statuette.

Er, well, the silver and gold will be converted into the approximate shape of an Oscar statuette, plus a few upgrades. So, instead of the traditional little gold man holding a sword, this little silver man will be holding “a golden ‘choron’—a traditional three-legged Yakut goblet.” Another difference—the Siberian Oscar’s head will be looking upward rather than down.

Wow. That is certainly intense. I wonder if Leo will fly to Russia to accept the award?

A Siberian Oscar sounds much cooler looking than a regular one anyway.

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