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Levin Reminds Us of Something CRUCIAL Conservatives Need to Hear Before the Election


In an appearance with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, conservative radio talk show host, Mark Levin, explored two major topics in the upcoming 2016 presidential election – One, how Hillary Clinton has managed to avoid jail time with such a long history of corruption, and two, how the GOP needs to run a pure conservative candidate in the mold of Ronald Reagan.

“I don’t know how Hillary Clinton hasn’t served some time in prison, given her background and what she’s done,” Levin wondered.

He detailed how the Clinton’s managed to use their Foundation as a front group to accept donations or speaking fees for Bill, that would then lead either to better access to the administration or favorable policy decisions while Hillary served as Secretary of State.

“There’s so much graft and corruption and sleaze in this family and what they do,” Levin exclaimed.  “Apparently, that’s the definition of the Democrat Party.”

To his second point, Levin said conservatives need to rally behind a candidate or two rather quickly “or the RINO’s are going to pick us off, as they did with McCain and Romney and hope to do with Jeb Bush.”

He reminded viewers that a true conservative has been successful in past Presidential elections.

Referring to Ronald Reagan, Levin said “Well, the guy who ran the table was the most conservative Republican nominated for president in modern American history. Maybe history period. That’s what we need to do.”

Do you agree with Mark Levin’s take on Hillary, the Democrats, and the potential Republican nominee? Watch the segment below (beginning at about 5:00) and share your thoughts with us.



  1. Cathy says:

    Reagan was a special case. First, he was a Democrat turned Republican, and he was able to garner a lot of votes from conservative Democrats. Second, he was the former president of SAG, so he had a lot of Hollywood backing.Third, he was the former governor of a huge state–California–with 55 electoral votes. And fourth, he showed a willingness to reach across the aisle and work with the opposition–remember his relationship with Tip O’Neilll?

    Now, tell me what true conservatives today have ANY of those credentials? Exactly! Which means, we have to look further back in history to the last true conservative who was our party’s nominee–Barry Goldwater. And exactly how many states did he carry?

    Mark Levin is an angry old white man who needs to take a chill pill and retire to Florida. I can’t take much more of his ranting and raving. We need constructive dialogue on how to win the next election, not destructive vitriol.

  2. Bill-B says:

    Unless States like Utah, can get rid of RINOS like Orrin Hatch and unless the 18 to 38 group of voters start to believe how crooked the Liberal party is, there’s not much chance that the poor, Latinos and Criminal eliminate can be defeated because of their sheer numbers. They all believe that the GOP’s and conservatives are just fabricating all of the things Obama and Clintons have done to destroy this country. As long as George Soros is allowed to control the media and payoffs, tax breaks and favors are allowed to continue, you are not going to see the direction of this country change but excellerate, towards all out socialism. There is absolute proof that nearly 25% of Mexicos citizens are here in the United States and they will be allowed to vote under the Democratic ran government.