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Liberal Journalist Goes to the Border – Is SHOCKED At What They See

Border Security

A liberal journalist for Esquire magazine went down to the U.S.-Mexico border to see what the residents there thought about it. Apparently he went thinking that those affected by illegal immigration the most wouldn’t support completing the border, for some reason.

Needless to say, he was met with surprise.

Esquire wanted the people, “…to tell us what they think about what’s really going on, whether we need a wall. Instead of hearing it from the debate stage.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski were caught off guard when the consensus showed major support for building the wall, specifically, “They said two things, whether they were Hispanic, Anglo, Democrat, Republican, uncommitted, clueless, whatever; they said we want a wall and yet we want it married with compassion toward the people we are trying to keep from jumping over the border,” according to Fielden.

Joe said, “This is shocking stuff,” when finding out Hispanics were less sympathetic towards illegal immigrants than whites, to which Fielden explains, “Most of those Hispanics are first-generation and see it as unfair. They came over here the legal way, became citizens, and now have to compete for jobs with those coming across the border on a daily basis.”

H/T InfoWars.

We really should be given these journalists jobs. I think we all would’ve known this without even visiting the border.

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Comments on “Liberal Journalist Goes to the Border – Is SHOCKED At What They See”

  1. Thomas says:

    Aren’t libs Always surprised when confronted with the truth?!!