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Cartoon PERFECTLY Explains How Liberals See Illegal Aliens

liberal cartoon

I don’t think it could be any more obvious why liberals support illegal immigration (or as they call it, “undocumented”).

At at glance, it appears to betray a party that likes to portray itself as the party of the working man. Is there anything more harmful to workers than forcing them to compete with illegal labor, which will displace jobs and drive down wages for those who are able to remain employed. I also can’t think of anything more disrespectful to those immigrants who jumped through all the hurdles to come to America legally. As Democrats try to portray Trump as “anti-immigrant,” you won’t find many immigrants who sympathize with illegals.

So why do the Democrats support illegals? I think the cartoon explains the difference between how Republican voters, Democrat voters, and the Democrat establishment see illegal aliens.

liberal cartoon

Illegal immigrants are hardly the only illegal voters that Democrats want. They’re fine with voter fraud (and denying its existence), because it’s primarily benefiting them.

According to LifeZette, an investigation by Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, revealed that 86 “non-citizens” have been registered to vote in Phildelphia for years with half of them casting ballots in at least 1 election.  What’s worse, the only reason Philadelphia election officials were even able to identify the “non-citizen” voters was because they had self-reported that they were erroneously registered to vote after a trip to the DMV to get a drivers license.  According to Vanderhulst’s investigation, the DMV “errs on the side of registering voters” if there are any discrepancies on their forms.

Of the fraudulently registered voters in Philly, 59 were registered as Democrats while 21 had no party affiliation and only 6 were registered as Republicans…which we suspect will come as a surprise to almost no one.

Is it a shocker that criminals tend to vote Democrat? I can’t say I’m surprised!

H/T Zero Hedge

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