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Liberal Celebs Preach Voting, But Don’t Vote – Only Case of Hypocrisy You Won’t Mind

Liberal non-profit Rock the Vote released a public service announcement earlier in the election cycle which featured liberal celebrities voting in an attempt to get the younger generation to the polls.

The great irony in the PSA is that many of the celebrities featured in the ad didn’t even vote in the last midterm election.

According to election records in Los Angeles County and New York City, actress Lena Dunham, comedian Whoopi Goldberg, actress Natasha Lyonne, and several others did not vote in the 2010 midterm election – and voting records couldn’t be located for six other celebrities in the PSA, including Lil Jon.

Rock The Vote ensures that the spokespeople are registered, but does not check to see if they voted in past elections.

The irony is too much – but at least liberal hypocrisy works in favor of conservatives this time.

If conservatives have any luck this election, these liberal celebrities won’t vote again in this midterm. Remember to go vote!

H/T: Washington Post