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Young Liberal Compares Trump to Hitler, Tucker Carlson Obliterates Her!

Tucker Carlson’s show hasn’t even been on the air for a month yet, and it’s responsible for giving Fox’s ratings a boost. It’s not hard to see why. The liberals who dare come onto his show don’t get away with anything, as Tucker crushes their unsubstantiated rhetoric like dixie cups.

Last night he had Erin Schrode on his show, a young environmental activist who previously ran a congressional campaign that would’ve resulted in her being the youngest member of congress had she won. After TIME Magazine chose The Donald as their person of the year, she (a Jew herself, so she should really know better) sent out a Tweet comparing him to Hitler.

Is she aware that Obama was also TIME’s person of the year….. twice? Or that TIME made “you” the person of the year in 2006? I guess we’re all Hitler.

She went on Tucker’s show to defend her Tweet, and it goes south fast.

Who woulda thunk someone comparing Trump to a man directly responsible for the deaths of 11 million in concentration camps wouldn’t be able to substantiate her position? I wish more liberals would get shut down like this!

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  1. Steve says:

    repeating your arguments more dramatically with exaggerated hand gestures is not a successful way to debate. If your opponent does not agree with your points it is not because they didn’t hear you clearly.

  2. Marilyn says:

    . I can’t wait to see these new groups of college grads when they enter the adult world and have to accept some responsibility, take orders, and actually work for a living. Maybe they’ll just curl up in a corner and cry about the student loans THEY ASKED FOR, then wasted because they were too busy protesting or too distraught to study and take tests because Clinton lost. Talk about sore losers.
    This is one girl who has some ambition but we are seeing what liberal colleges call education. I call it indoctrination.

  3. JerrynAnn says:

    Glad she didn’t win a congressional seat. We already have too many dummies like her in Congress.

  4. David says:

    America’s liberals are too ignorant to even understand or reflect upon their FASCIST BEHAVIOR, then display their stupidity by calling some one else EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE; ANY GROUP that denies or ignores the right for some one to dissent from THEIR OPINIONS is called a fascist [which Hitler was] just like they are.Breath taking ignorant people..