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MUST WATCH! A Liberal Explains Why Liberalism Has FAILED

Political commentator and gay rights activist Dave Rubin is a liberal, but he’s not like any of the social justice whackjobs you’ll see running our universities, rioting at anti-Trump protests, or telling people to check their privilege online (usually from their iPhones). In fact, he’s popularized a term to differentiate himself from them – describing them as “regressive leftists.”

Liberals got destroyed in this past election, and their embrace of identity politics is to blame (or in our case – to thank). There’s nothing unifying about breaking people into different groups based on their ethnic, religious, or racial identity, nor is there anything unifying in demonizing any white people who dare vote against them as “racist.”

According to Rubin, the Left is no longer liberal. “The issues I care about most, free speech, rights of the individual, and limited government designed to maximize liberty, have almost nothing to do anymore with the modern American Left. My positions basically haven’t changed, but I’ve watched as my team has gone off the deep end.”

“I’ve said before on my show that defending my liberal principles has become a conservative position.”

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