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Liberal Fox News Contributor Blasts … President Obama? YES!


Fox News contributor, Kirsten Powers, blasted the President over his remarks about the network she works for saying his comments were “beneath the office of the president.”

Problem being, the administration itself tends to project outwardly as being beneath the office as well.

Obama recently went on the attack with Fox, saying they report negatively about poor people being ‘lazy’ or ‘sponges’ on society. Fox now is engaging in a made up War on Poverty it would seem.

It was the latest in a string of disrespectful comments the President and his administration have had regarding Fox News, the only network willing to report on his presidency in an unbiased manner.

Powers, typically a supporter of the President, ripped Obama saying he clearly has an “obsession” with the network and an overall goal of “de-legitimiz(ing)” them to silence the opposite side of a debate.

It was similar to other arguments Powers has made recently, indicating the left in general is trying to quell free speech in America.

Via Fox News Insider:

She argued that the administration’s systematic attempts to “de-legitimize” Fox News are a part of that overall strategy to shut down the other side. Powers recalled that the administration has cut Fox News out of interviews and then lied about doing it.

Powers wondered what the reaction would have been if George W. Bush had taken this sort of stance toward MSNBC.

“They just want to silence people who are disagreeing with them. They haven’t been successful with Fox, but that doesn’t make what they did any less nefarious or any less wrong. … What the president said – basically blaming Fox News for the debate on poverty – it’s absurd, it’s gratuitous, it’s beneath the office of the president,” she said.

Do you agree that Obama’s obsession with Fox News is beneath the office of the Presidency? What other things has Obama done that is beneath his office?