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THIS Liberal Host Was Just Fired From MSNBC!


Bad news for those seven or eight people who watch liberal news outlet MSNBC on weekend mornings: liberal academic Melissa Harris-Perry is out as show host.

Harris-Perry, famous (or infamous) for wearing tampon earrings and claiming that the phrase “hard worker” is racist, flounced out of her job hosting the weekend morning slot after her show was repeatedly pre-empted to make way for election coverage, because there is, you know, an election going on.

But Harris-Perry didn’t like being pre-empted and so she quit. And just for good measure, she threw out some baseless insinuations as the door hit her on her behind, insisting that she is not “… a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head.”

Execs over at the network have asked Joy Reid to fill in following the abrupt departure.

Don’t feel too sorry for Harris-Perry thought … she still has her lucrative book deals to fall back on.

Here’s a report on the MSNBC host’s firing:

What do you think of Harris-Perry being too leftist even for MSNBC? Share your thoughts below!