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Liberal Justice Ginsburg Breaks Tradition, Goes Political in Elle Interview

justice ginsburg

Supreme Court Justices have traditionally not spoken to the media and remained out of the political arena. With so many major issues before the court, the slightest misstatement can make a judge appear to be too biased.

But with this activist court, it comes as no surprise that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke this practice and went fully political in an interview with Elle Magazine.

That’s right – Elle Magazine, not a well-established and reputable newspaper or news station, but a magazine that’s other popular headlines include “Why Your Non-Single Friends are Ruining Tinder” and “Five Ways to Transition to Fall for Under $150.”

Even more frustrating than the choice in media outlet are Justice Ginsburg’s accusations and predictions.

“I think 50 years from now, people will not be able to understand Hobby Lobby,” said Ginsburg.

Like other liberals, she cannot seem to understand that not forcing your employer to pay for birth control doesn’t take away access to birth control. You can still go buy it yourself.

Justice Ginsburg has no plans to retire soon, and will continue serving on the court “as long as I can do the job full steam.”

Ginsburg stated that the court has “gotten about as conservative as it will get” on abortion, and predicted that the country will become more progressive “when we have a more functioning congress.”

We can only hope she’s wrong.