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Boom! The Liberal Losing Streak Continues!

Back in the 1960s, Woody Allen gave a hilarious interview with National Review founder William F. Buckley on Allen’s television show. Allen joked to Buckley that there’s nothing he wants more than a conservative President, because he believes it would rid the nation of conservativism for good. Funny – but ironic given that just the opposite has happened following eight years of Barack Obama.

Conventional wisdom predicted a blowout victory for Hillary Clinton, and given how the media was in the tank for her, it wasn’t hard to believe that they’d succeed in misleading the public into voting her into office. They failed, and so did Hillary. Not only did Democrats lose the Presidency, Republicans retained control of the House and Senate, and picked up a number of other gains at the State and local level. The trend under Barack Obama has been the annihilation of the Democrat Party in political office.

And that’s not all. This is occurring even as the ratio between those who identify as conservatives and those who identify as liberal shrinks.

Since Gallup began routinely measuring Americas’ political ideology in 1992, conservative identification has varied between 36% and 40%. At the same time, there has been a clear increase in the percentage identifying as politically liberal, from 17% to 25%. This has been accompanied by a corresponding decrease in the percentage identifying as “moderate,” from 43% to 34%.

As the left goes further left, they’ve alienated an enormous number of Americans. As a result, they’ve shifted the “political-center” to the right, leading to the appeal of the Republican Party among moderates. They appear to have learned nothing from this past election, and to that I say, good!

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H/T The Washington Post