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This Liberal “News” Outlet Hates Free Speech So Much, They Just Did THIS!


Nobody stamps out free speech better than a liberal.

Donald Trump has really gotten under their skin this time! Ben Smith, Buzzfeed editor-in-chief, tweeted an internal memorandum sent to staff.

I don’t venture to that website ever because they have no information I want to read, but this has to be one of the most prejudicial pieces I’ve seen in a long time.

Buzzfeed is exposing the bigotry that is the foundation of liberalism. Look up the definition of bigot: obstinate believer intolerant of others. That describes a liberal completely. If you want to send a liberal into a furious rage, disagree with them. Their vindictive rage is amazing.

I don’t think people have a clear understanding of the word “racist.” That is NOT what Trump is. Racist is a term the liberals throw around like candy.  To them, if you sneeze wrong, then you are a racist. What Trump has proven to the whole world to see is that liberals have no morals, intellectual, ideological arguments, or high ground whatsoever.


It is the progressive/socialists/communists (LIBERALS) way of killing FREE SPEECH, and stifling ANY dissenting speech that goes against their agenda.

If Trump continues to rise in popularity, the communists will have to take extreme measures to stop him. I doubt if the communists wouldn’t consider keeping him from the nomination by manipulating the rules of the Republican Party.

Yes, they could do that, but the fear is that Trump might bolt the Republicans and, in the process, actually become the catalyst for the creation of a REAL political party that would represent nationalistic-minded Americans.

What are your thoughts about this website removing comments by Americans who support a candidate? Share your views below in our comment section.