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Liberal Professor Calls Cops On Journalists: Watch It BACKFIRE!

Many of us know the story of Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor who called for “muscle” to prevent a student journalist from recording the protests there last year. That backfired rather spectacularly, portraying the protectors as thugs, and eventually costing Click her job.

One bad professor down, thousands to go. At the conservative provacator Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent speech at American University, enter Melissa Click 2.0.

In a similar vein [to Click], a media relations staffer at American University created controversy amid protests outside of Yiannopoulos’ lecture when she threatened to call the police on a group of freelance journalists who were filming her overreaction with their camera phones.

Ashe Schow, who also works with the Washington Examiner, filmed the exchange Thursday night as an American University faculty member aggressively confronted the journalist from Schow’s team who was filming her with his camera.

After the university staff member realized that Schow and her crew were filming her, she threatened to call the police. Although the woman thought that the police would assist her in chastising the journalist, the officer that arrived instead decided to chat with her about her own behavior.

According to Schow on Twitter, the police didn’t speak with the journalists and instead escorted the university faculty member away.

There’s a reason that leftists like this don’t even hesitate before trying to thwart free speech. Their ideas wouldn’t be able to stand scrutiny if challenged.

H/T Breitbart

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