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Liberal Professor Has No Time for Students, Plenty of time for MSNBC


If you are one of the ten people who watch liberal network MSNBC, then you’ve probably seen pundit Dorian Warren.

It’s a shame that his students haven’t.

Warren is a professor at Columbia University. But, According to the good folks over at campusreform.org, Warren’s students haven’t seen him … even when he’s supposed to be teaching.

Because of his absence, these students now have incorrect or incomplete grades for Warren’s Labor and American Politics class.

Warren can however been seen hosting the online-only show “Nerding Out” every weekend on MSNBC. Perhaps his students should tweet him, as he’s also a prolific user of the service.

The mystery is such that the Director of Undergraduate Studies at Columbia emailed the irate students, pledging to “correct the injustice.”

Perhaps, he’s angling for a full-time gig on the network?

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