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Liberal Professor Pulls Race Card to Get out of a Ticket But Never Expected This Consequence!


Minati Roychoudhuri is a professor at Capital Community College. She also is a liar. 

The woman who teaches diversity to students at the New England school was pulled over by a Connecticut state trooper for an improper lane change. Rather than accept the repercussions for her actions, she pulled out a trick from the social justice warrior handbook and accused the law enforcement officer of racial profiling. Fox CT published the letter she sent to the Commissioner of Public Safety demanding action.

Dear Sir/Madam

I was traveling to Wethersfield on Route 15/5 to attend a meeting 9th May. I was on the left lane on route 15 and had to take exit 85. After the Brainard Airport exit, and after the merging lane ended, I signaled and went to the right lane to take exit 85. An unmarked police car with flashing light stopped me on the ramp after I had taken the exit. The policeman asked me if I could speak English and if I knew why he had stopped me. I said, “yes” to speaking English and “no” to why he had stopped me. He then asked me for my driver’s license and registration. He returned with an envelope and said that I could simply mail in the infraction.

The officer did not give me any reason as to why had stopped me. His asking if I could speak English shows that he had racially profiled me and was not able to give me a concrete reason for stopping me. Further, the officer had checked “Hispanic” in the race category in the infraction ticket. I am a Professor in English at Capital Community College, I teach about diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling, I have now become a target of the same insidious behavior! It is easy to connect the dots with the nationwide racial profiling which has led to serious consequences. I request that my infraction charges be dropped and action be taken against the officer. I have talked with the Senator and Legislator of my constituency regarding this matter and I am sending a copy of this letter to them as well.

Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Minati Roychoudhuri


Roychoudhuri was interviewed in person and signed a statement which said it is a crime to make a false statement against a public servant.

Her claims were easily refuted with the audio from the traffic stop. She even acknowledged she made the improper turn. The college professor who is paid to teach diversity was caught in a red hot lie for accusing a state trooper of discriminatory practices that never happened.



The college professor turned herself into police and posted a $1,000 bond for falsifying this accusation against the state trooper. She is due in court August 14. What do you think should be Roychoudhuri’s punishment? Please comment below.



  1. Joe says:

    If she is an English teacher she needs to attend remedial English classes. Her failure to use proper syntax and punctuation is indicative of a level of a individual not fluent in the written word. Her context is such that you understand her sentences but they are awkward. ” I was on the left lane on route 15″ People do not drive on the left lane but in the left lane. It is obvious that she is a racist and a poor English teacher.

  2. Ruby says:

    She should be given a promotion as head of Harvard Law School and run as Vice President in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election for the Progressive Party.

    Warren/Roychoudhuri 2016!!!

  3. craziemama says:

    I think it’s great that the police officer had the recording to prove her lie. The professional victims started the tape everything movement to catch someone doing wrong, then started selectively editing to ‘prove their stories’. Forcing audio/video taping on the other side for protection I’d say is a nifty little tip we got from the victim class.

  4. Captain William Dale says:

    DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?????? Yup, Sign Here. Have a nice day

    please be careful changing lanes from now on, lots of unnecessary accidents caused by erratic lane changes.

  5. Valerie says:

    this woman should have to pay the cost for the investigation. it was not necessary and she needs to pay for it. she also should NOT be a teacher… shame on her for trying to end someones career, just punishment would be for her to lose her career. (what goes around comes around)

  6. Jerry says:

    This is why our country is so screwed up. First hammered to the fullest extent of the law, a public apology to the policeman in question and a signed letter back to her “State Senator and Legislator of her constituency” telling them she lied and apologize for taking up their time when it could be focused on more important matters to the state and country.

  7. Linda says:

    Her fine should be doubled and another ticket for giving false (lying) information, which would be obstruction of justice. Maybe even add on some community service to give a speech or two about using the racial card to try to get out of a ticket.

  8. Shaun says:

    Make her ride with the Troopers for 15 days and do 15 days working the local jail so she can see diversity from her mountain she lives on

  9. Gary says:

    20 hours of Bible study on the Ten Commandments. Two hours for each Commandments maybe starting with “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

  10. Sandy says:

    (1) jail time and hopefully it is a felony charge.
    (2) a civil suit by the officer.
    (3) loss of her job as she used it to supprt her false assertions. She teached at a comminty college – taxpayer funded i believe.
    (4)if green card or naturalized – deportation as she has no respect for the values of this country.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    Liberals consider lying part of the game, and keep lying until proven otherwise. Remember Clinton and the dress with his DNA, or Obama about insurance and everything else!

  12. Mark says:

    In the letter there are so many grammatical errors, she might want to retake English 101 classes instead of teaching!

  13. John says:

    She should be held accountable for her actions .she’s a employee of the state a professor to bend the law ,ok break .should be fired .she made a false accusation against a police officer .could have ruined his life

  14. Kay says:

    She should lose her job because this is the garbage our youth is learning in schools…..should not be allowed in the education field….let her be an example….I have NO TOLERANCE for liars…they are also thieves …..she stole time out of that police officers life and it’s hard to teach responsibility if you can’t even handle it yourself…

  15. David says:

    She should be required to send a letter to the policeman and copy all those to whom she copied om her original letter. The letter should include an admission that she lied. She should spend a short time in jail and then she should be assigned to community service washing and cleaning police cars. A picture of her doing her community service with an explanation of why she was doing it should be made available to to locl and national media.

  16. Brian says:

    Her integrity has been proven to be nonexistent. She should never be allowed to teach at any level.

  17. Sharon says:

    Here is how I feel she should not be teaching anybody anything she is an out and out lier right now in this country we have a big problem with people lieu he bout cops and cops luring about what people are doing she was along things worst

  18. Charles says:

    11 months 29 days in county lock up. Suspended to 30 days with 4500$ fine. And public apology via TV.

  19. Gina says:

    She should be fired. Lying is unethical and makes her ineligible to teach her subject matter. She should also get jail time for trying to ruin this officer’s career. It is people like her who are dividing this country and making it impossible for police to do their job. She can call Obama for help the next time someone breaks into her house since she distrusts the police so much.

  20. Rich says:

    I would be satisfied if she would be recognized as a convicted felon, unable to Vote, and loses her license to teach. How could she possibly teach on issues of diversity if she is a racist herself?

    1. Linda says:

      100% agree. She is teaching this subject and using it as a racial card in her own defense and all lies.

  21. Jude says:

    ‘race card’ was invented by white people to diminish & dismiss calls to examine racism, note: white people are the only ones to ever use it

  22. Linda says:

    She needs to face the consequences of lying and falsely accusing a law enforcement officer and also pay the fine for her crime! Maybe a few days in jail would teach her a lesson and she should publicly apologize for all of the above…poor example of a teacher! Shame on her!!!

  23. Charlotte says:

    The race cards should burn and yes she should paid for what she did.

  24. Marco says:

    For a so-called “Professor in English” at a community college, her letter is full of grammar and punctuation errors. Possibly more lies?
    She should be given a hefty fine and required to complete a driver education and driver training course followed by a hair makeover!

  25. Patti says:

    She should be relieved of her teaching position at the college, because if she is willing to lie to officials then who else is she lying to?? I am glad to read that she turned herself in and will be going to court. After that I think she needs to look into another line of work, I am pretty sure Obama has an opening for people who lie and think they can get away with it.

  26. Shawn says:

    She should at the very least be given 30 days in jail for what she has done, it is people pulling this race card mess that has divided this once great nation; it has gotten so bad people break the law then pull the race card to justify shooting a police officer or some innocent bystander, or to try and argue their way out of some other trouble…Grow Up people and quit acting like children

  27. Forrest says:

    She should be JAILED for sure. And I think she should most certainly be fired from her job.

    1. Patti says:

      Yes, she should definitely be removed from her paid teaching position, no telling what kind of lies she is teaching the young adults. No need to have someone like that putting junk into the minds of impressionable people whose parents are paying for their education. They got their education in the form of “Your teacher is a liar and a racist, and she has been called out for it..”

  28. Steven says:

    She should have to tell the whole school that she lied and pay a $10,000 fine and do 500 hours of community service teaching legal immigrants to speak English.

  29. Linda says:

    30 days in the slammer, to see how well she likes “diversity” while she’s in there.
    What is it with these people who are now coming into the U.S. from foreign countries today, and who immediately become hired to be “Professors” at our many U.S. colleges, but who have a problem with answering an American Law Enforcement Officer who stops them for breaking the law, whether or not they can speak English? What is so fkng “racial profiling” about THAT?!!! I for one, with all the terrorists getting a pass to come into the U.S. threatening citizens, think it’s about damn time we started going back to PROFILING, just because THEY are in OUR country; WE are not in THEIRS!

  30. Dave says:

    This liberal communist lying bitch, deserves jail time for making false statements to the police. Slam it to her.

  31. Carol says:

    Whatever the punishment is for falsifying an accusation against a public servant.
    Capital Community College should also take a look at the ethics of their professor who teaches a class on diversity.
    When the racial profiling is used by people to get out of an unlawful act that they committed it makes it harder for the people who actually can state that it happened to them.
    I am sure somehow, someone will take this incident and twist to make her look like the innocent
    People no longer feel they have to be responsible for their own actions. It is really sad.

  32. Brian says:

    There is no way she should have a job as a teacher after being busted in such a lie!!!!
    and that should carry a few months in jail with a HUGE FINE!!!! Fallowed by being Banned from teaching its that kinda stupid we need to stop in this world…

  33. Joe says:

    I would think three years in state lockup so do.

  34. Theresa says:

    Makes me sit back and think who are the real racists in this world. It seems to me the racists who are crying wolf are the real offenders. Without a doubt this racist teacher needs to lose her job, as well as serve community service picking up trash in a community that is predominantly any other race than her own. Lets not forget to pay that fine in double the amount because she clearly has past the due date busy writing fictitious letters to her politicians. And let’s be politically correct in telling Roychoudhuri to have a nice day with a smile on our face.

  35. Theresa says:

    Makes me sit back and think who are the real racists in this world. It seems to me the racists who are crying wolf are the real offenders. Without a doubt this racist teacher needs to lose her job, as well as serve community service picking up trash in a community that is predominantly any other race than her own. Lets not forget to pay that fine in double the amount because she clearly has past the due date busy writing fictitious letters to her politicians. And let’s be politically correct in telling Roychoudhuri to have a nice day with a smile on our face.

  36. Mark says:

    Ya know what?? She tried MAKING AN EXAMPLE of the officer, hopefully the judge MAKES AN EXAMPLE out of her SORRY ASS!! People like this are THE REASON FOR VIOLENCE!!! They open their PIE HOLES AND U CAN’T SHUT IT QUICK EHOUGH !!!!

  37. SniperzRule1 says:

    She should be ‘fired’ from the Teaching position, after serving her jail time. We(U.S.) need to get a ‘grip’ on people who disobey the law and make an example of them.