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Hypersensitive Liberal Student Reports KKK Sighting – What It Actually Was Is Hilarious!

During the era of McCarthyism, people saw communists everywhere.

Today, there’s a new form of McCarthyism, and it’s exclusively on the Left. Only this time, it’s not communists they see everywhere – it’s racism.

None of those who will cry racism at the smallest infraction seem to have been read the story of the boy who cried wolf as a child. What are among the things the Left has branded racist? Civil Rights icon (who should really freaking know better) John Lewis thinks opposition to ObamaCare is racist. Rachel Maddow thinks enforcing immigration laws is racist. The Washington Post thought the 2013 government shutdown was racist. The NY Times claimed that southern states refusing Obama’s Medicaid expansion was racist. Teacher’s unions have claimed that school choice is racist.

The list goes on.

The latest example of faux racism to make headlines is one that will have you cracking up. It all began when one student decided to report a sighting of a white KKK hood to her school.

The school investigated – and what did they find?

Amazing. In 2017, we’ve reached the point where racism is in the eye of the beholder.

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