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Liberal Teacher Now Bans THIS In The Left-Wing War On Christmas

War On Christmas

You know it’s December when you see Santa Claus and Christmas trees … and smug liberals trying to ban Santa Claus and Christmas trees.

This week’s Scrooge is Euijin Jaela Kim, the principal of Public School 169 in Brooklyn, New York. Handsomely rewarded by taxpayers to turn the kids in her care into model citizens, Kim instead seems intent on robbing them of the best holiday of the year.

That’s right, Kim banned Christmas, because it’s a religious festival, and as we know, religion should have no place in education.

But wait! Kim wasn’t done. She also banned stars — in case anyone mistook them for a religious symbol, AND Santa Claus, because … well … I haven’t a clue.

Check out the video here:

Thankfully, this is the season of miracles, and once this tale was spread via the news media, education bureaucrats in New York swiftly reversed Kim’s decisions, and Santa, stars, and Christmas are back in the school.

So Merry Christmas, kids of Brooklyn!

H/T: New York Post

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