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Liberals Are So Wimpy, They’d Ban This Beloved Children’s Cereal! (VIDEO)

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When I was a student at Rutgers, one of my classmates, the now infamous James O’Keefe, decided to prank the administration. He approached dining services and told them that the inclusion of the breakfast cereal “Lucky Charms” offended him as an Irish-American.

He said it perpetuated Leprechaun stereotypes and was hurtful and demeaning. O’Keefe had every expectation of being thrown out of the meeting; the premise of it was so utterly laughable that he anticipated being found out as a prankster. Instead, Rutgers decided to actually pull the cereal off of the breakfast bar and only realized they had been fooled after an issue of the conservative newspaper, The Centurion, hit newsstands on campus!

Several years later, that story has been repeated on a college campus elsewhere in America, only this time, it’s not a joke. Apparently, several Asian students on campus have filed a complaint and brought it public because General Tso’s chicken is served in the dining hall.

On the story, you can actually hear The Daily Beast’s Robby Soave chuckling at his keyboard as he writes,

For another, there’s something deliciously ironic about Oberlin students—some of the most privileged people in the world, as evidenced by the $50,000 they pay annually in tuition—whining about the bun-thickness of meals prepared by lowly paid cafeteria workers. As academic and writer Fredrik de Boer noted on Twitter, “When you’re defending the cultural authenticity of GENERAL TSO’S CHICKEN, you’re a living Portlandia sketch.”

Liberal students’ ability to be insulted or offended at just about anything is nothing short of astounding. James O’Keefe thought of the most ludicrous possible complaint he could make against Rutgers University staff, and his grievances were taken at 100% face value.

Now, it doesn’t seem quite as ridiculous that Rutgers Dining Services reacted as they did. They found it completely plausible that a student could be culturally offended by a menu item. What will they think of next?

Have you ever seen anything like this at your job or school? Let us know in the comments!


Comments on “Liberals Are So Wimpy, They’d Ban This Beloved Children’s Cereal! (VIDEO)”

  1. John says:

    Mistakes happen at least no one was killed from the mistake.