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DISGUSTING: Liberals Are Now Defending Pedophilia!

We may have underestimated just how slippery the slippery slope is.

Salon.com is known for putting out stories practically indistinguishable from what you’d expect from a right-wing site parodying liberals. And they’re not big on consistency either. Just look at a sampling of their stories below on how they treat Islam vs. everyone else.

Yes, they really are that stupid. And they just topped that in a sickening way. Here’s an except from their latest article:

Todd Nickerson began to suspect he was attracted to young girls when he was 13-years-old. At 18 he regularly babysat a five-year-old girl and eventually “fell in love” with her. Because he was molested at age seven, he knew the damage abuse caused and did not want to hurt the little girl. He packed up and left town so that he did not offend.

He later came out to his family as a pedophile.

And that’s hardly the only article they’ve published on the subject. Here are just a few more headlines:


So there we have liberalism’s latest rallying cry: pity the pedophile.

Now watch this:

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