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Liberals Are OUTRAGED Over This Baseball Legend’s Comments About the Democrats

Curt Schilling Outside of baseball, legend Curt Schilling’s other great talent is annoying liberals. After the Democratic debate he did it again! After the debate, Republican contender Donald Trump tweeted and asked who won. Schilling’s answer? You can see in the tweet below:

Liberals immediately ran to tattle on Schilling to his employer, ESPN. What the really wanted, of course, was for Schilling to be silenced and brought in line with their radical agenda. To their credit, ESPN refused to take action against Schilling for a one word tweet from his personal account, and Schilling isn’t backing down. This isn’t the first time Schilling has made waves with his political views. The the former baseball great even thinks his views have kept him out of the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Back in January Politico reported,

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan radio show on Boston’s WEEI 93.7, Schilling said pitcher John Smoltz may have earned a place in the prestigious Hall of Fame over him because of what Schilling believes are Smoltz’s liberal political views. “He’s a Democrat and so I know that, as a Republican, that there’s some people that really don’t like that.”

To his credit, despite the fact that Schilling views his politics as the main impediment to his being named to the Hall of Fame, he refuses to be silenced on politics and current affairs.

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