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Liberals Are Panicking That THIS Is Helping Trump!

Donald Trump Received

Memo to the violent protesters disrupting Trump rallys blocking off highways, and doing so while waving around the Mexican flag – you’re really not bringing anyone to your side.

In fact, if the sight of these protests makes you more inclined to vote for Trump, you’re not alone. Trump’s lead increased after notable violent protests against him in Chicago and California made national news.

These agitators are rallying people behind Trump, and even liberals are taking notice.

Here’s an op-ed from the Los Angeles Times from a liberal whose worried by the behavior of his progressive peers.

Trump protesters, Mexican flag-wavers could bring unintended consequences for GOP race

The protests outside Donald Trump’s rally in Costa Mesa on Thursday night pose political questions for both demonstration organizers and the presidential candidate as the California primary nears.

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the streets outside the Orange County amphitheater where Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. At least 17 were arrested.

The scene dramatically called attention to complaints by Latino activists about Trump’s rhetoric on immigration. But it could also help Trump shore up support in his conservative base.

Onstage inside the OC Fair and Event Center, Trump had surrounded himself with people carrying images of family members killed by immigrants who were in the country illegally.

When Trump vowed to make Mexico pay for a wall along its border with the United States, thousands of supporters erupted in cheers…

H/T The Los Angeles Times

Personally, I hope they keep it up. Don’t you? Let us know who you’ll be voting for in the comments.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    The Jarrett/Obama administration has used the last seven years to flood our country with illegal Hispanics as a distraction to their bringing in millions of Islamic Muslims. It started when they opened the flood gates to Islamic Muslim immigration and increased student visas for Muslims by seven hundred percent and they continues to bring in Islamic/Muslim/Syrian refugees as fast as they can, with no security clearance. We now have 8 Muslim Senators and I do not know how many in Congress, sworn in on the Koran, while Muslims tell us, in no uncertain terms, “The Koran is OUR Constitution” and “If we are practicing Muslims we are not bound by the law of the land. We follow only the Koran”. What has happened over the last 7 years will be no easy fix, and the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, along with a host of others to whom money and power is God, will not go quietly into the night. Our primary battle is from ‘within’ so they will all have to be rooted out and destroyed if America is to once again become the home of the BRAVE, the home of the FREE.

  2. JerrynAnn says:

    What makes me even angrier than these illegals and their supporters willingly causing injury to legitimate Americans and destroying public property, is our worthless president and his justice department failing to intervene and put a stop to it.