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Liberals Lied About Ben Carson’s Medical Record – Here’s the TRUTH

Ben Carson

It’s hardly surprising that liberals would attack Ben Carson’s medical record. They have no class, and no shame.

When the New York Daily News reported that a “bombshell” report alleged that Ben Carson had been sued six times and had at one time even left a sponge in a patient’s brain, I had to chuckle because signs of desperation became quickly evident. Their source for the claim? The tabloid rag National Enquirer.

Let’s assume that their reporting is completely true. We all know doctors get sued all the time, so perspective matters.

To look at Ben Carson’s record, he performed 17,000 surgeries and was sued 6 times. In other words, 99.96% of Carson’s patients didn’t sue him. Isn’t that the kind of approval rating that politicians would kill for?

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Comments on “Liberals Lied About Ben Carson’s Medical Record – Here’s the TRUTH”

  1. Barb says:

    The sponges are left in the brain during a certain type of surgery to separate the nerves to alleviate pain. Carson explained this very clearly the other night on Bill O Reilly. The sponges do not usually cause a problem, but some people do occasionally have reactions to them. Apparently, ONE of Dr. Carson’s patients had a bad reaction. It’s amazing any credible media outlet would find anything unusual about law suits and especially neuro-surgeons. Most neuro-surgeries are not expected to have a great outcome, so people sue because the outcome was just as they were told, but not as they would have wished. Wonder what other dirt they will come up with. Our political system has become pretty disgusting.