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Here Were The Liberals Defending Venezuela Before It COLLAPSED!

If you’ve been paying attention to international news, you’ve likely heard about Venezuela’s progressing collapse.

Food shortages are so terrible that even Soviet breadlines put them to shame by comparison. Not only that – the country has planned electricity shutdowns to ration energy, as the country always suffers from chronic blackouts.

There’s an old joke, “What did socialists use before candles? Electricity,” and they’ve managed to make it a reality yet again.

Oh – and did I mention the country is out of beer? That alone should make you think twice about socialism.

But don’t be fooled – the nation had its fair share of defenders among the American liberal elite.


Isn’t it great being lectured by people who pay no consequences for the policies they support?

Bernie Sanders likes to fashion himself as a “Democratic Socialist” – which we’re apparently supposed to think is some sort of “new” form of socialism. He often points to the Scandinavian nations as examples of successful Democratic Socialist countries. We;ll side aside the fact that Democratic Socialism is impossible – and that there are no socialist Scandinavian nations (in fact, the Prime Minister of Denmark himself told Bernie to stop calling his country “socialist.”)

But for Bernie to make that sort of claim, he should remind himself of his past statements, and pay better attention to who he’s surrounding himself with. He’s previously praised Fidel Castro in 1985, and Bernie’s former press secretary David Sirota penned a piece in 2013 titled “Venezuela’s Economic Miracle.”

If Venezuela is a miracle, I don’t want to know what a disaster looks like.

What are your thoughts on this list of liberals who support Venezuela? Share your thoughts below!