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Liberals Unable to Deal With Reality When it Comes to Obama

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, unleashed a torrent of criticism at liberal Fox News commentator Bob Beckel, ripping Obama for his armchair strategy to defeat ISIS solely with minimal airstrikes, and going after those in general who insist on supporting him despite the obvious failures.

The exchange led Lowry to declare that the problem with liberals who support Obama is that “they haven’t been able to deal with reality for years.”

Watch (transcript below):

Transcript via Gateway Pundit:

Rich Lowry: Bob, in 2009, when President Obama took over, how much of Iraq did al-Qaeda in Iraq control? What territory?… Zero. Basically none. That was the situation. All President Obama had to do was hold that. It took a minimum effort… Do you know how many bombs we dropped Sunday and Monday in Syria when ISIS was sweeping into this town, was about to take another town on the Turkish border? Three. Three strikes. Three.

Bob Beckel: We waged a war in the Balkans all from airpower and we won(?) …We know there’s US personnel on the ground…

Rich Lowry: So is ISIS being rolled back? Where are they being rolled back? …One dam. What else? What town have they lost? They’re advancing in Syria. This is just reality. This is the problem with liberals supportive of President Obama. They haven’t been able to deal with reality for years. The reality is we are not winning against ISIS now.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, who originally expressed optimism for Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS, referred to the plan as “pathetic.”  He would add that he had to control himself to avoid describing it as “idiotic nonsense.”

It requires a certain measure of delusion to have any confidence in this President doing what is required to defeat ISIS.  Sadly, enough people that have been ‘unable to deal with reality’ managed to get him elected twice.



  1. Gregory says:

    Basically Bob is a Liberal idiot . he was rendered speechless when confronted with true facts . That will happen every time when real facts are presented to Liberals . they will deny, lie or ignore facts . Most are smoking fairy dust and live in another world .

  2. Tony says:

    I voted for McCain in 2008 because I liked Sarah Palin, but for some reason I worked for Obama in 2012. I think it is because I could not support that rich snob of an opponent he had (Romney). I am gravely disappointed that Obama won. But we did not have all the information we see now. If I knew that he refused to wear a flag on his lapel, etc. I would not have supported him at all. I apologize to those who knew better. Let’s hope the Republicans can come up with a better candidate in 2016. I think they will.

  3. Kenneth says:

    All we are doing is throwing expensive missiles at trucks and empty buildings. That’s because we have no strategy. Obama needs to get out of the way and turn this over to the SecDef and Joint Chiefs. They know how to deal with this, Obama hasn’t got a clue.

    1. Proud says:

      I agree with you Kenneth. All he’s doing is just smoke in mirrors. As if he’s doing something against ISIS but in reality he’s not doing anything to physically stop ISIS!