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Limbaugh Just Said This About Trump; I Am Still STUNNED!


I am shocked and amazed Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh came to the defense of GOP nominee Donald Trump, who ripped the media over their negative reporting on what he did for US Veteran charities.

All Trump did was state what a lot of honest Americans already think of the lame stream lying spin mister press. The lame stream lying spin mister press, misquotes, conveniently edits and takes out of context any public figure who forcefully disagrees with leftist political ideology. That kind of crap has been going on for years and years and years, and all Trump did was say wait a damn minute, not on my watch you won’t.

If you listened to Limbaugh’s show, he seemed as if he was in heaven because someone on our side finally did what others had been wanting a Republican candidate/nominee to do to the media. Limbaugh couldn’t contain himself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.19.05 PM

From Newsmax:

Limbaugh excoriated the media, saying that it “totally wants Hillary Clinton to win, but they’re so conflicted.

“The cable networks, since this thing ended, have been devoted to the press conference and how Trump was mean to them and how Trump insulted them and how Trump criticized them.

“If Trump were any other Republican, they would have practically destroyed him by now and they’d be worried about rehabbing Hillary’s image and building her up,” Limbaugh later said. “But she’s so unexciting, she’s so dull, she’s so scandal-ridden, they’ve got nothing to work with.

“All they can do is try to destroy Trump, but they don’t know how,” he added. “Because they didn’t make Trump, they can’t destroy Trump.”

The core problem is that the press, including the conservative media, is “making the big mistake of trying to plug Trump into the age-old political handbook. Trump’s not part of that.

“You don’t deal with Trump in the standard, political-handbook way on policy and issues and things like that,” Limbaugh said. “That’s not the way to separate Trump supporters from Trump.

“It isn’t gonna work.”

NOW Rush decides to talk positively about Trump. It sure has taken him long enough to do it – all those pro-Cruz callers bashing Trump and Rush cutting short Trump callers and calling all Trump supporters “Trumpsters.” I will never listen to him again – no matter if he does handstands & pretends he was ever “neutral.”

Watch Trump in action during this video clip:

Rush would not have done this story three months ago. Only after Cruz quits does he gradually start having more and more positive Trump stories. Unlike the never Trump morons Rush is a survivor. Rush always puts one toe in the water first but never gets all the way in. This way he always has options.

There is no reason we have to embrace Limbaugh. He has his listeners, and I hope he does the right thing in helping get Trump elected. Doesn’t mean I have to listen to his bullcrap nor forget how he sleazed Trump until Sen. Ted Cruz left. Sen. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, I feel much better about supporting. For the most part, he isn’t that bad except on the amnesty thing.

Do you think Rush Limbaugh was on the side of Donald Trump? If you had stop listening to Limbaugh, will you start listening to him after what he said today? Give us your opinions below in the comment section and also add this story to your Twitter or Facebook page.

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  1. Wayne – get a grip. Why would Limbaugh take sides during the primaries, just because you did? That would make no sense.

  2. Shedman says:

    I grew up with Rush. He is the FATHER of conservative talk radio, so after 20 years he dosent support the candidate that I like initially, I’m supposed to turn him off?
    Talk about being short sited, RUSH has done more for conservative America then anyone else!
    Lets be real here.