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Limbaugh Laughs At ‘Blithering Idiots’ Sean Penn And His Buddy El Chapo


Rush Limbaugh was certainly amused by the Sean Penn/El Chapo saga. Penn interviewed the drug lord for Rolling Stone magazine, an interview which eventually led to his capture by Mexican authorities.

As far as the conservative talk radio host is concerned, Penn and El Chapo are like peas and carrots.

“You couldn’t have two bigger blithering idiots in the world getting together than these two guys,” Limbaugh laughed.

Via Mediaite:

Rush Limbaugh laughed out loud today at Sean Penn’s interview with El Chapo, calling them both “blithering idiots.”

He said it was pretty obvious that Penn would have been monitored because of his associations with “left-wing dictators.”

Limbaugh declared, “These two deserve each other.” Why? Because, he argued, Penn likes to blame America “no matter what,” and he defended El Chapo in his piece by saying the United States is complicit in the illegal drug trade.

Limbaugh, in discussing the drug lord’s decision to do a legacy interview with a man known to be under the watchful eye of authorities because of his associations with third-world dictators, asked “How stupid is this El Chapo guy?”

Via Rush Limbaugh:

As far as Sean Penn’s concerned, it’s always America’s fault no matter what.  And in his mind, Guzman’s a hero. El Chapo.  He’s a hero because he’s running away from United States authorities.  But if there was ever a pair of people that deserve each other, how stupid is this El Chapo guy?  You know, grant interview with somebody at MSNBC. Nobody will find you.  MSNBC would get lost on the way to the interview!

Listen to the segment below:

Comment: Is the Sean Penn/El Chapo interview funny, or did the actor commit a crime by hanging with a known murderer? Or is it both?