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Limbaugh Says Dick Cheney’s Claim About Barack Obama & the Muslim Brotherhood Is ‘Exactly Right’

Rush Limbaugh is right, again! This time, he is agreeing with former Vice President Dick Cheney’s rumored comments about President Barack Obama acting in ways which have supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to gain power throughout the Middle East.

Limbaugh was discussing an account reported in The Daily Beast:

According to Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, Cheney said Obama “has actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood.” The former vice president then went on to name the Muslim Brotherhood as “the beginning of all the Islamist groups that we’re dealing with now like Hamas and ISIS.”

In Fleming’s account, Cheney said that by “facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood…our policies have been exactly opposite to where they should be.”

Fleming’s description of the meeting was echoed by Rep. Peter King of New York, who said that while Cheney didn’t criticize “the Rand Paul types” in the GOP—a group that King often derides—he did call for “comprehensive” action that is even more aggressive than what Obama has in mind.

As el Rushbo responded:

[Obama] did. That’s not conjecture. It’s not theory. He did! The Arab Spring. We got rid of Mubarak in Egypt. We empowered the Muslim Brotherhood. What were we told? They’re the peaceful Islamists. The Brotherhood is the moderates. The Brotherhood we can deal with. The Brotherhood, yeah.

Limbaugh also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood is related to Hamas and Hezbollah, which are both “very close” to the Islamic State (ISIS). Please leave a comment if you agree with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama should not empower global Islamic terrorist organizations!



  1. Kathy says:

    I’ve known this for years. All you had to do was listen to him (president that I didn’t vote for)

    1. Christine says:

      I absolutely agree with Dick Cheney. The whole Middle East was uprooted with the support of Barrack Obama. The Muslim brotherhood took over. Obama saw all this going on and supported it. Remember Obama bombed Libya, ( no congressional input) The brotherhood took over. 9/11 Benghazi Libya, our embassy was attacked. Obama administration told us this was caused by a video about Mohammad. It was a terrorist attack. Obama is the most treasonist president we have ever had in office. When he visited the Saudi’s during his 1st term and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. That was odd, hmmm. What about the deserter Berhdahl.. 5 top Taliban were released from Gitmo for this trader. Oh, and what about the Army Psychiatrist who shot up Ft Hood. It was dubed workplace violence not what it should have been called Terroriism. This president is not for the United States of America. It is clearer and clearer that he is the enemy within, who is and has used the useful idiots, to futher his agender. America is a wake and we are not going down easy…..

  2. Regan says:

    He has people in gov. jobs that are muslim brotherhood members ! Arrest this pos. for treason !!

  3. Irene says:

    What do you think that ISRAEL should sit on there ass and let Hamas blow ISRAEL TO HELL I DON’T THINK SO.

  4. Randy says:

    President Obama has already started this process when he took Office. He lied to All Americans about his hidden agenda. So why hasn’t any of the people in the White House started the Impeachment process? Are they scared to stand up to this man whose trying to start a War all over the World?