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Limo Driver Tries to Get a Stretch Over Some Train Tracks… What Happens Next Is Shocking!


This week’s spectacularly successful release of Sharknado III, proves Americans love a bit of mindless violence.

So here you go. Don’t say Headline Politics doesn’t give you what you want.

This video, filmed in Northern Indiana, is not a Hollywood film scene. Rather, it’s the result of some doofus limo driver thinking he could take his huge stretch limo over a railway track.

And when it got stuck, the aforementioned doofus, along with all his teenage passengers, ran for cover as a monster freight train came barreling down toward them.

And then this happened:

Thankfully, no one got hurt… except perhaps an insurance company.

So feel free to enjoy this spectacle without feeling guilty, then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

H/T: NBC Chicago