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Listen: Shooting Victim’s Sister Tells off Anti-Gun Nut

A spokesperson for Michael Bloomberg’s latest anti-gun project – Everytown For GUN Safety (Or, EF-Guns as we like to call them) – thought they had found the perfect person to exploit a tragedy for their political platform.

Jessie Doyle, sister of a woman who was recently shot and killed by her deranged and estranged husband, was the target of the anti-Second Amendment group.

The group was trying to peddle more stringent gun control laws in Oregon, and was looking for support from Doyle.

When she received the phone call, Doyle calmly listened to the group’s pitch and gave a response that must have left them startled.

Or as the YouTube description reads, she tells the caller “where to shove it.”

Doyle explains that “The only thing that would have saved [my sister] was a gun.”

Via Bearing Arms:

In this recorded call, Ann Wright, “Coalitions & Outreach Advisor” for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, attempted to recruit Jennie Cochran to push for more gun control laws in Oregon.

Wright reached out to Cochran because Cochran’s sister Jessie Doyle was murdered in a domestic violence killing by her estranged felon husband Josh Cavitt in October of 2013.

The thing is, Cavitt was a prohibited person who could not legally have a gun in the first place. Like all criminals, Cavitt simply went around the law to murder Cochran’s sister with a weapon he acquired illegally, and no new gun laws would have changed that.

Doyle would add:

Josh [the ex-husband] was in the position multiple times where he almost killed her without [a gun], and gun laws and backgrounds checks are not going to stop people from getting guns. They’re not going to stop bad guys who are determined to go out and kill someone. It’s not going to stop them because they’re obviously not following the law already. All it’s going to do is hinder law-abiding citizens.

Could you hear the surprise in Wright’s voice when Doyle made her arguments? What do you think of the exchange?