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You LITERALLY Won’t Believe What This Ad Company Put On NYC Subway Cars

NYC Subway

Liberals have a lot to say about “trigger warnings.” Before social justice warriors took over the phrase, it originally meant that those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) could have their disorder triggered by events. For example, a veteran who, after returning from battle, could be triggered by the sounds of loud noises or helicopters overhead. Especially on college campuses, the trigger warnings are used for just about anything and everything.

Earlier this year the New York Times published an opinion piece from a professor about why she uses trigger warnings to warn students about any content in her classroom that might be in any way disagreeable.

In light of this phenomenon, consider a recent advertising campaign currently taking place on the New York City subway.


The local NYC blog Gothamist reports,

Seats on 42nd Street subway Shuttle cars are wrapped with symbols from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, intended to carry commuters into the alternate history of the Amazon TV series,The Man in the High Castle, in which the Axis Powers were victorious.

To use the vocabulary, imagine how “triggering” sitting in this car would be for the many New York City residents who suffered during World War II. Victims of the Holocaust or Japanese brutality are facing the flags of their torturers and oppressors during a simple commute.

At colleges across the country Millenials are demanding protection from anything that might offend them. Meanwhile, straphangers their grandparents’ age are forced to sit on subway cars outfitted by individuals with no sense of history, even while advertising  a show which depicts an alternative historical reality.

Given that this ad campaign could actually be “triggering” in the original sense of the word, will those who operate advertising on the subway system consider the thousands of potential WWII survivors currently living in New York City?

Or are “trigger warnings” just for those who have never experienced a concentration camp?


Comments on “You LITERALLY Won’t Believe What This Ad Company Put On NYC Subway Cars”

  1. Steve says:

    YOU ARE KIDDING …RIGHT? Trigger issue? This article is a trigger issue in stupidity. Quit babefying everything, pull up your panties for God’s sake.