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LOL! Even THIS Democrat Won’t Support Hillary For Pres!


I’ve met plenty of Hillary Clinton supporters, but I have yet to meet an enthusiastic one. It seems that her supporters simply see her as the “inevitable nominee,” and don’t bother looking at the other candidates (or in this case, candidate).

Hillary has strong support, despite the “likability” factor, which she lacks.

We all learned this long ago, but for anyone whose forgot, Hillary is unpopular in her private life too. So much so that she’s going to be lacking a supporter who she never imagined she would lose:

Several Democratic superdelegates have pledged to support Hillary Clinton even if she loses the primary, yet that group doesn’t include her husband.

Former President Bill Clinton — an unbound New York delegate — told the New York Daily News Thursday that he would support Bernie Sanders if he manages to win the Democratic nomination.

“It happened last time,” Clinton stated. “Last time I did what my candidate asked, I voted for Barack Obama” at the convention.

Currently, Hillary leads Sanders by 701 delegates, and the majority of her lead comes from the 469 superdelegates who have pledged to support the former secretary of state.

 It’s not hard to believe Bill either. As he said, he did the same in 2008 in pledging his support to Obama.
When a candidate fails to win even their home state they get mocked. Here’s a candidate who can’t even get their spouses vote. Share your thoughts on this story below!