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Lousy Speaker, Good Cook? See John Boehner’s Recipe For Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

What will John Boehner do now that he’s retired from Congress? Join the board of a tobacco company? Travel the vineyards of Europe?

Well, judging by this video, he might be trading the Speaker’s gavel for a baker’s apron.

Released last November, this video is now doing the rounds online once again. Why? Because in it, Boehner reveals his recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey:

Come on, guys. Who didn’t come away from watching that video not liking Boehner a little more? He seems like a decent fella, and the Boehner brine sounds delicious.

If only John Boehner had run the House of Representatives the way he runs his kitchen.

What do you think of the Boehner recipe?  Let us know below.