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I Love How This College Dealt With Annoying Student Protesters!

The campus cry-bullies had a successful year in 2015 when their insanity came out in full force. Protesters at the University of Missouri were actually successful in having President Tim Wolfe resign from his position.

At that time, campus crazies nationwide thought “holy crap, we actually have power,” and similar nonsensical protests sprung up at campuses nationally.

Recently, a similar protest was organized at Ohio State University. As the Daily Caller reports:

The protest began — as such protests often do these days — with a set of demands and the promise to remain firmly ensconced at Bricker Hall, Ohio State’s main administration building, until school officials capitulated to the demands.

The occupiers’ motley list of #ReclaimOSU demands includes “complete, comprehensive and detailed access to the Ohio State budget and investments immediately,” divestment from Caterpillar Inc. and Hewlett Packard because of  the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and increased purchases of organic, locally-grown food.

So the source of outrage was apparently that part of the school’s investments are in companies that liberals don’t like for whatever reason. It should be pointed out that just because this company owns stock in Caterpillar and HP, it doesn’t mean that either companies raised a cent from the transaction because those shares (like most) were purchased on a secondary market.

So here’s how those protests went down:

At around 3:30 p.m., about 100 students representing #ReclaimOSU and other campus groups (including OSU Coalition for Black Lives) set up an “open mic” protest near Drake’s second-floor office inside Bricker Hall, reports The Columbus Dispatch. (A few faculty members also reportedly turned up.)

The assorted campus dissidents complained for several hours that no one listens to their complaints. They also claimed — in public, outside the president’s office — that Ohio State wants to silence them.

They were apparently right about one thing, that they would be quickly silenced.

Eventually, Ohio State senior vice president for administration Jay Kasey appeared to inform the radicals that the time had come to decamp from the taxpayer-funded building.

“Our police officers will physically pick you up and take you to a paddy wagon, and take you to be arrested,” he explained.

“If you are here at five o’clock, our current philosophy is we are going to take you out — escort you out of the building and arrest you. You will be discharged from school also.”

Kasey then confirmed to a demonstrator’s query that “discharged” means expelled.

And believe it or not, that shut down the protest.

The lesson learned here is that rewarding the crybullies by abiding by their ridiculous demands only reinforces their power.

Now watch this:

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