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I Can’t Believe What This Famous Actor Did To Donald Trump – So Childish!


Another washed-up star crawled out of the dark pit to get attention. Macauley Culkin, best known for his roles in the “Home Alone” movies, surfaced from wherever he was to, get this, defend himself against claims that he’s blowing through all his money on heroin.

He apparently decided that this would be a good time to attack Donald Trump!?

Why do actors think they have an influence over people that means something?? What has he done that I should think Macaulay Culkin is the voice of authority? At least Donald Trump has respectful stars that come out for him!

From The Daily Caller:

Former child star Macaulay Culkin tries his best to avoid the spotlight these days, but he couldn’t help but weigh in on this year’s presidential race. When asked about Donald Trump, his former “Home Alone 2” co-star, Culkin compared him to a fictional movie monster, saying:He’s like the Candyman, we have to stop saying his name.

Culkin also took the opportunity to shoot down the persistent rumors of drug abuse that have surrounded him recently.

“No, I was not pounding six grand of heroin every month or whatever,” he told The Guardian.

Did anyone even remember that Trump made a cameo in “Home Alone 2?” If not, here’s the awesome clip!

I’m still trying to figure why so many people are against Mr. Trump. He wants to bring America to what it used to be 50 years ago, the greatest country on earth. He seeks to secure the border, so the true Americans don’t have to pay for those who are not.

I guess hearing the truth can’t be handled by some.

Let Culkin have his fun and he won’t be heard from for 20 more years.

Negativity gets no one anywhere!

Will Culkin’s views sway your decision to vote or not vote for Donald Trump? Share your comments below.



  1. Jo Anne says:

    Apparently the washed up drug addict thinks that he might buy back some sort of fan club if he tries to bash Mr. Trump. It is sad that this person has ended up so far down that he has to look up to see bottom. Culkin is now and was a bore even as a child star.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Anybody who would be influenced by this creep’s opinion on anything needs to have their head examined. The sick, sad thing about him is that he has done this to himself.

  3. SickofPoliticks says:

    Macualey Culkin is not worth discussing. Irrelevant and a waste of time,