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This Magazine Website Just Angered Its Readers With Disgusting Headline Targeting Judge Scalia – UNBELIEVABLE!


Gizmodo, traditionally a technology blog, is apparently getting more and more political. With their latest headline, they may have gone completely over the top, past the point of no return.

On Monday, the blog ran the headline, “Scalia’s Death May Have Saved the Planet.”

Yes, that just happened. While his family is still in mourning, this writer decided it was a great idea to praise the death of a man who by all accounts carried himself in America’s legal system with grace and poise for decades.

This wasn’t some buried opinion piece on the third page of the latest stories, no this story was pushed out to Gizmodo’s vast social media audiences.

On Twitter, the reactions were… not great.

We know liberals didn’t like Justice Scalia and everyone has a right to their opinions, however old they are but this was beyond evil.

There are consequences and repercussions when you resort to tactics like this, something liberals don’t actually know about. Maybe if they would use common sense and meet conservatives half-way this world would be such a better place.

We can only hope.

H/T – Gizmodo

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