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Christian Group Urges Evangelicals To Do THIS To Trump On ‘Super Tuesday’!


With ‘Super Tuesday’ being the most important day of Donald Trump’s candidacy, one influential Christian group is doing its best to stop the billionaire’s rise to the GOP nomination.

The Christian Post is urging Evangelicals across the country to dump “misogynist” Trump on Election Day.

From The Washington Times:

Senior editors of a prominent Christian publication on Monday voiced their opposition to Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump.

The Christian Post editorial said the billionaire businessman does not represent Christian values, citing his refusal to disavow the Ku Klux Klan in an interview on Sunday and his claim that he has never sought forgiveness for his sins.

“While Christians have been guilty of all of these,” it read, “we, unlikeTrump, acknowledge our sins, ask for forgiveness and seek restitution with the aid of the Holy Spirit and our community of believers.”

The Post also took exception to Trump’s promise that he would “open up” libel laws in order to sue newspapers that criticize him.

“When it was pointed out to him Sunday that he would have to amend the Constitution’s freedom of speech and freedom of press clauses,Trump was unmoved, simply noting that England has weaker protections for the press,” the editorial read, adding that Trump would “use the levers of government” to “silence” Christians.

“It is not the time for Donald Trump,” the editorial concluded.

Here’s video of Trump talking about his faith:

Do you think that this Christian newspaper will sway enough Evangelicals to vote against Trump? Share your thoughts below!

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