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Major Hollywood Star Will Make Liberals FURIOUS With Her Stance On Guns

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, child star from the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, is now packing heat, and Hollywood liberals are furious about the star’s Second Amendment stance.

Duff, a newly single mom, was recently seen carrying a Glock case and Remington ammo out of a gun store in Culver City.

TMZ said she is now a “pistol packing mama.”

Via the Daily Mail:

Hilary Duff is taking her Second Amendment rights seriously.

The 28-year-old actress was spotted leaving gun store Martin B. Retting in the Culver City neighbourhood of Los Angeles on Saturday with a few new interesting purchases.

The Lizzie McGuire actress was spotted with a Glock firearms case in one hand and a plastic bag which contained a box of Remington bullets in the other.

Spencer Pratt, star of The Hills, immediately took to social media to express his support of Duff’s gun purchase.

Here is a picture tweeted out by a Hilary Duff fan page:

TMZ reports that Duff picked up her new defensive weapon only “after getting her handgun safety certificate.”

So she’s a responsible gun owner. Hollywood liberals hate people like that. The attacks on her support for our Constitution should be coming any moment now!

Comment:  Are you surprised by Hilary Duff exercising her Second Amendment rights?


Comments on “Major Hollywood Star Will Make Liberals FURIOUS With Her Stance On Guns”

  1. Damien says:

    “Well Regulated” the battle cry and parroted cliche of anti-gunners and State Worshiping Liberal Morons dispelled not only in the CONTEXT OF THE DOCUMENTAND THE HISTORY TAKING PLACE AS THE DOCUMENT WAS WRITTEN IN WHICH THESE WORDS APPEAR but in the few following paragraphs. So for you that are so eager to jump on the box-cars to the modern day Aushwitz being designed by your REGIME …here is what “Well Regulated” actually means. It is also important to understand the definition of militia which is a group of armed ciitizens joined together for the protection of their communities, businesses and way of life from Any and All who would try to subvert them, as well as forming cohesive strategies for natural disasters, locals in need and the like. Oh please let some left wing, liberal, Big Government statist douchebag try the “well regulated” agrument so that I can destroy their idiot remark in about 3 paragraphs or less. They always get all righteous and think this parroted cliche comment gives them some kind of final “gotcha” say – when they are entirely factually wrong. You can tell they have never read any Jefferson when they spew that shitbag excuse for an argument at ya.They also obviously have no background in Literature, or the linguistics of presumabley their OWN English Language! WELL REGULATED in the parlance of the 1700s and well before, simply meant : “in good working order” it DID NOT IN ANY WAY mean Federally Regulated. Considering how simple the language was used in the Bill of Rights / Constitution SO that it could not be twisted and misinterpreted. You can bet your sweet ass they would have said that if they in any way mean that. However the entire PURPOSE of this clause in Document was to LIMIT the power of the Federal Government as they foresaw such things being that is what they Fought the Revolutionary War over. Back to “Well Regulated” It would be common place to say something such as “My pocket watch is well regulated and I’ve owned it for 5 years” or “Her thinking is very well regulated, she is one of the brightest women I know.” Annnd if your still not convinced lets look at the qualifier here “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE” We the mf-ing People. I am so sick of liberals who you can bet your ass have never read the Constitution (we were required to memorize the preamble in first grade and the entirety of it by thew 4th in school in Middle, TN in the 1980’s) feel themselves qualified to interpret it for us. The entire PURPOSE of the Bill of Rights was to,IN PRINT establish protection FROM the Government and it’s tendency to get out of control – a principle – the SOLE principle on which this country was founded; So before any of these hipster leftist Millenials with no life experience and all ideals and emotions ( that they haven’t quite learned to put a leash on yet) think they can argue away this document as “Archaic” because of it’s age may want to consider WHY it has gone unchanged for so long and WHY it is so hard TO MAKE CHANGES to it. Not that it matters because your government has created so many laws and loopholes by making more laws and more laws (becuse after all laws prevent crime right? — oh wait — they actually just give your government an easy avenue to lable you a criminal for any ol reason if you happen to be someone making trouble for them. Political dissidence is , that is to say FREE SPEECH is Punished in America. We need plenty of LAWS so that we can justify making an instant criminal of anyone who stirs the pot a little too much.