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Malia Obama Partying With Rappers on Tax Payer’s Dime


Malia Obama, the 16-year-old first daughter, was spotted over the weekend at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Lollapalooza is an annual music festival featuring popular rock and hip-hop bands, dance, and comedy performances. It has also provided a platform for non-profit and political groups.

Malia was seen on Day 1 of the festival taking in music from the artist Lorde.

On the last day, Malia was seen exiting the grounds after fellow Chicago native Chance the Rapper’s closing set, which featured a cameo by R. Kelly.

While Malia was having fun and partying all weekend in Chicago, it looks like the U.S. taxpayer was picking up the tab. According to the Sun-Times she was flanked by two huge guards, apparently Secret Service agents in plains clothes, who made sure she and her friends – two girls and a boy – had plenty of space to make their exit. However, they were to make sure that she didn’t pose for pictures, which she failed to do, as seen in the picture above.


Back in July, Malia received a car for her 16th birthday, even though she isn’t allowed to drive until she’s 17. That created an uproar. This summer, she’s been out in California working on Halle Berry’s TV Show, visiting Stanford University, eating out at fancy LA restaurants. And now she’s in Chicago partying it up. Most 16 year olds are scooping ice cream to earn a few dollars.



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  8. Sandra says:

    The same mentality that her parents have… you owe us… can one imagine what the liberals would say if this was Bush’s daughters….. or even the MSM…. letting her hang with RAPPERS…. YEA, THOSE ARE GOOD FOR YOUNG GIRLS….

  9. David says:

    what else would a minority do with our tax dollars;; think about it. Maybe hang out at the ranch in Crawford Texas and cut some scrub brush and drink some iced tea….

  10. David says:

    quite frankly I am amused that people either notice or care;; America voted for diversity and this is what it looks like;; they are what they are and act like it.

  11. David says:

    ask yourself; why can’t people who use cyber media SPELL???????WHO CARES ANY WAY; SHE IS JUST DOING WHAT HER FREAKING IGNORANT PARENTS DO “everyday”.

  12. samiannie says:

    What do you expect with parents like hers. She is no different from Chelsea Clinton. They think they are entitled to your tax dollars. They have not learned about who is furnishing the money they are spending