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Obama’s Brother Reveals The Type of Man Trump Really Is

Malik Obama

When Mitt Romney ran in 2012, his wealth was a major cause of (faux) liberal concern. Standing with an estimated net worth of $250 million, the man was clearly successful. Liberals tried to portray him as out of touch, and, unfortunately, Romney often appeared robotic (though not as robotic as Hillary) when trying to act as an “ordinary American.”

Personally, I’ve never understood why Presidential candidates try to portray themselves as such. How many “ordinary” people run for President?

That aside, Romney’s wealth is pennies on the dollar compared to Trump, and yet we haven’t seen any attacks on him due to that. Why? Because his wealth is a sign of pride that he flaunts. The only criticism liberals have had of Trump’s wealth this election is that he is “only” worth $4 billion, not $10 billion like he claims.

Instead of attacking his wealth, this election liberals have taken playing the race card to an unprecedented level. Of course, they’d be hard pressed to find evidence of him actually saying anything racist. Most people know better – and among them is President Obama’s own brother!

Malik Obama continued his Twitter campaign for Donald Trump on Monday.

Malik pointed out the obvious — How Donald Trump was always well received in the black community until he ran for president as a Republican.

Then the corrupt media calls him a racist.

He’s right, you know.

Donald Trump has been a public figure for decades and yet never faced accusations of racism… until he decided to run for president as a Republican. It makes you wonder, what were those blasting him as a racist today saying about him in prior years? As The Blaze discovered, at least one spoke highly of The Donald.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson in 1999 praised Donald Trump for being someone who pushed for diversity and inclusivity. In a video, Jackson is seen introducing Trump at the Wall Street Project Conference in Lower Manhattan.

The project, founded by Jackson in 1996, bills itself as an organization that “challenges corporate America to end the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with minority vendors and consumers, while working to ensure equal opportunities for culturally diverse employees, entrepreneurs and consumers,” according to its website.

Trump made an appearance at the group’s 1999 annual conference, where Jackson thanked the now-Republican nominee for president and praised his efforts to achieve “diversity” and for being “inclusive.”

If Donald Trump ran as a Democrat, do you think a single person would be accusing him of racism? Speaking of which, one Twitter user had an interesting take on the leaked audio from 2005 that’s been plaguing his campaign.

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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