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Man Asks Officer What Policing Is All about… The Answer He Got Is Touching the Lives of Millions!

When Larry Batty-Deshields asked Springettsbury Township police officer Jamie Miller what policing is about, the answer stunned him – and the video is going viral. Batty-Deshields posted the footage to Facebook and called it “the realest sh** a cop ever said to me”.

Cop response

It’s been seen by more than 6.8 million people and needs to be seen by millions more. Miller’s answer is simple and an example of the way the vast majority of officers look at their job and their responsibility to the people they protect and serve:

“What policing is about, it’s about loving your fellow man, doing what’s right.

“You gotta have fun with the job.

“If you walk around with a chip on your shoulder you’re gonna have a heart attack young, you’re going to hurt the wrong people.

“And you gotta remember, it is to protect and serve. That’s what this job is about.

“The best way to do that is if you’re loving people, loving life, you’re going to protect and serve.

“Otherwise, get your butt out.”

At the time of this post, it had been shared 125,239 times. Some of the comments on the Facebook page don’t agree with the officer, as expected, but for the most part, people responded positively. There are many law enforcement officers who want to serve and protect but with the state of America today, many are watching their backs, while others are fearing for their lives. This officer is someone I would want on my team if I went into battle.

This officer is someone I could put my trust and respect in because he would do the same for us.

Check out the powerful sincere video below:

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H/T – Cop Speaks From the Heart, Goes Viral



Comments on “Man Asks Officer What Policing Is All about… The Answer He Got Is Touching the Lives of Millions!”

  1. Richard says:

    HOOO-YAH Officer Miller, wish all officers felt that way. It’s also why so many veterans served.