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The Man Who Attacked Donald Trump Has A Frightening Connection To Terrorism

Earlier today, a man attempted to attack Donald Trump at a rally in Dayton,Ohio.

Luckily the Secret Service were quick on their feet and Trump was never in serious harm.
But now frightening information has come to light
that could mean that the attack was part of a large terror effort from ISIS.

Woah. If this is true it is frightening. Has ISIS declared war on Donald Trump?

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  1. Victoria says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Obummer an Killer Hillary had something to do with this. They know once Trump is elected their gooses are cooked!~~~FINALLY~~~~

    1. Vicvod says:

      It’s not just the left, it’s the whole good ole boys political machine. He has the whole world of career politicians scared to death, right and left. He is exactly what the country needs make this country great again, just like he says. Don’t get me started on Hillary. The Clintons are the only family that can rival the scumbag Kennedy’s for corruption and slime.