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Man At Baseball Game Becomes Instant Hero! HEART-STOPPING!


It amazes me how many people do not pay attention when a batter is up.  One of the most dangerous projectiles is a foul ball. Once that ball leaves the bat and if it’s a line drive, you have to pay attention or it could cause serious harm.

I am happy that everyone in this story turned out OK, but it is a horrifying thought if the bat had connected.

From: ABCNews:

A baseball game nearly turned into a disaster this weekend when an errant bat almost hit a little boy in the face.

The near-miss happened Saturday when the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Atlanta Braves in a spring training game and a Pirates’ player lost his grip on a bat that headed toward the stands.

Christopher Horner, a photographer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, caught the moment on camera when the man sitting next to the child stretched out his arm to protect the boy’s face.

Whether it was luck or good timing, the man’s forearm appears to have been the only body part hit directly by the bat.

Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz told the Tribune that he had no idea about what happened until after the game.

“I went home and my wife said to me, ‘You almost killed that kid!'” Ortiz told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“I saw the picture. It was crazy. … That guy took [a blow] for the kid. The father, or whoever he was, he protected that kid,” Ortiz said.

I used to go to baseball games, and I’ve seen it almost every time. The parents are not paying attention to the game or the kids. Saw a couple of people get hit with foul balls. Not so much with a bat, but the possibility is always there. You paid good money to go and enjoy the game.

Photo h/t –  Christopher Horner/Tribune-Review, ABCNews,  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I will say again; that kid was lucky! That could have been a life-altering smack to the face. Put the phones down for a bit. The world is not going to end if you don’t check your phones.