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Man Boards An Airplane, And Was FREAKED OUT By Who Sat Next To Him!

Most times you board a plane, you look forward to reading a book or taking a quick nap.

But Neil Thomas Douglas did neither when he boarded his flight from Scotland to Ireland. That’s because his doppelganger was in the seat next to him:


Yep, Douglas, with his red hair and bushy beard, found a man opposite with … red hair and a bushy beard. And in an even weirder turn of events … they were both staying in same hotel in Galway, Ireland, meaning that they both went for a pint after landing.

Needless to say, on both the flight and at the hotel, they were mistaken for twins despite never having met before.  And once their selfie was posted online, it went viral, as people around the world gaped at how alike the two strangers are.

That just goes to show we all of us have a doppelganger out there. The only question is whether we ever find them.

What do you think of this amazing coincidence? Let us know below.

H/T: The Today Show