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Did He Lose His Mind? Man Creates Functioning Robot in Likeness of This Hollywood Actress!


From Maxim:

Everyone loves an unconventional love story, particularly tall tales of geeky guys landing the women of their dreams. Then there’s this guy.

Ricky Ma, an unlucky-in-love graphic and product designer from Hong Kong, dropped over $50,000 and a year and a half of his life to building a humanoid robot named “Mark 1.” Though the 41-year-old could have gone with any design, he chose to give his automaton distinctively female characteristics and to outfit it in a short skirt and slinky crop top.

In fact, Ma admits that he modeled its physicality off his Hollywood dream girl, though he refused to name names. After the story blew up on social media, eagle-eyed Internet commentators were quick to draw comparisons to Scarlett Johansson.

He seems pretty giddy about the results. Ma said that if his striking robot were to catch the eyes of investors, he would build more. He even hopes to write a book about his experience to help those of you who also wish to make robots modeled after Hollywood’s hottest actresses.

I read about this a few days ago. It’s hard for me to appreciate the technological accomplishment because I’m so grossed out by the fact he based this on a real woman. Celebrities, especially female celebrities, have to deal with enough objectification without being literally turned into an object.

This man built a functioning humanoid/robot in the likeness of Scarlett Johansson. Can you say creepy?

The critical misstep Ricky Ma made was publicizing his creation. What you do in the privacy of your own home is nobody’s business, whether it be humping a body pillow named George Clooney or fashioning a RoboJohansson. People project their fantasies onto ersatz celebrity clones all the time, though few are as lifelike as this one. Making a conspicuous display of that behavior, though, is manifestly inadvisable.


Watch this clip:

I’m sure whatever the outcome, having all these videos and articles floating around is going to wreck his chances for anything approaching a normal social life for decades, if not forever. We don’t know what this guy’s real story is, but for sure there is one, and for sure it must be pretty extreme, to have brought him to this point.

You have to check out this other report:

I am honestly still shocked this man decided to publicly come out with this invention. I know she’s pretty and comfortable to the eyes but Mr. Ma should also recognize that Johansson could sue to have it destroyed. It’s her likeness without authorization and she could be weirded out about it on a daily basis.

H/T: Maxim
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