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Man Calls Police Because he Smoked Too Much Weed, and They Found Him Like THIS!

Issue 3

You might want to hold on tight to your Doritos after reading this story.

An Ohio man called 911 to report that he had smoked too much marijuana and was “too high.” In what sounds like something ripped out of a Saturday Night Live skit, the stoned man was found laying in a pile of junk food.

Fox 8 in Cleveland reported about the crime which comes a few weeks before Ohioans vote on legalizing marijuana.

When officers arrived, they were directed to an upstairs bedroom by the caller’s grandfather. As they got upstairs they could hear “groaning from a room at the end of the hall.” When they opened the door, they found the 22-year-old laying on the floor in a fetal position, surrounded by “a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies.”

Upon seeing the officer, the man told him that he was “too high and could not feel his hands” and that he had “smoked too much weed.” He also told the officer that some of the marijuana was still his car, gave him the car keys and told him he could take it all.

In the 911 call, which was recently released, the caller sounds as if he is auditioning for a role in a Cheech and Chong movie. Hear it for yourself.


The call could have an impact on Issue 3, which would allow Ohioans to legally buy this drug. With easy access to it, Ohio could find itself with many phone calls like this. Not only could it impact safety services, but there could be a shortage of Doritos and other junk food if people follow this man’s lead.

Who would you nominate as the dumbest criminal this week?  Please comment below.

H/T: Fox 8