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Man Claims Trump Hired White Supremacists – Gets OWNED

Liberals have evolved from branding everything they disagree with as “racist” – now they’re branding everything they disagree with as “white supremacy.” Tariq Nasheed, a liberal commentator who previously attempted to make the death of a terrorist (the student who launched a stabbing attack at Ohio State University last month) a Black Lives Matter martyr. Talk about judging someone by nothing more than the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

He got destroyed on Tucker Carlson’s show trying to defend those comments, and now he’s on again after publicly stating that Trump has appointed people who “literally throw up Nazi salutes.”

Later in the interview — after Nasheed accused Carlson of “tokenizing” Ben Carson — the Daily Caller founder read passages from Nasheed’s book, The Art of Mackin’, aloud for the audience.

“I was just reading it today, it’s interesting stuff,” Carlson noted. “Chapter 6: Guaranteed Ways To Get Sex From Women.”

“In this chapter, I will give you tried and proven techniques that will help you talk a woman into giving it up,” Carlson quoted. “I will also give you precise rebuttals to every objection a woman may have to giving it up.”

“You say, ‘the number one lame thing men say to get sex? I love you.’ You describe this as the ‘bold lie approach,’” he continued. “And then you say this, ‘if a woman isn’t ready for sex you 1) question her maturity 2) minimize the significance of sex and 3) tell her what you want to hear.”

“You’re advocating lying to take advantage of women sexually. This is in your book. I’m not misquoting it.” Carlson posed to Nasheed. “Why should we believe anything that you say if you’re counseling people to say ‘I love you’ and lie to women in order to get them in bed?”

As you’d imagine, thinks got pretty awkward.
Watch below:

Afterward, Nasheed complained about the reaction from “twitter Nazi trolls.”

Joseph McCarthy says communists are everywhere – and the far-left today sees Nazism and white supremacy everywhere – and they’re just as deluded.

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H/T The Daily Caller


Comments on “Man Claims Trump Hired White Supremacists – Gets OWNED”

  1. David says:

    The left wing black muslim demagoguery continues;;these aceholes will never get it right, they are secular racist bigots who WILL NEVER CHANGE, IT IS IN THEIR GENES.