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Man Collapses on a First Date, Wakes to Find Two Angels Standing Over Him

A first date last Friday was more eventful than expected.

Jamie Hall, 45, was on her first date with an unnamed man in his mid fifties at The Cheesecake Factory. Everything was going along normally, until the man coughed a few times, stood up to excuse himself, then collapsed like a sack of potatoes unconscious and without a pulse.

Luckily for him, his date was a former respiratory therapist with experience in a trauma unit. She, and server Becca Bartholomew, who also knew CPR, quickly went to work to save his life.

“This waitress appeared out of nowhere,” Hall said. “She took control of the whole situation.”

Bartholomew wasn’t originally scheduled to work that day, but she had taken an extra shift.

Hall and Bartholomew took turns performing CPR on the man, and Bartholomew directed other workers at the Cheesecake Factory to call 911. Another worker counted seconds for them while they worked to bring the man back to life.

After about four minutes of CPR, a faint pulse returned. He took a breath, and the ambulance arrived.

Because the man was still in the hospital at the time of the Globe’s interview, his name is not being used in this story. Hall, who had visited him on Monday, said he is recovering.

H/T Joplin Globe

Well, that’s one way to get a kiss on a first date.

Something tells me there will be a second one. Share if you’re thankful there were people around to help!